The Bar of England and Wales is very internationally orientated. A significant proportion of its members have an international practice and that number is increasing all the time.

The International Committee and team organise numerous activities throughout the year to help members of the Bar develop their international practices.To see a list of the International Committee's activities for 2017 please click here.  

The International team sends a fortnightly  International e-Newsletter to keep barristers up to date with news and events from the International Committee and other professional bodies.To be added to the distribution list, please click here.  

For all enquiries related to international relations and international practice issues please contact a member of the International Policy team.

Upcoming international events and opportunities

Passport 25 August 2017 Promote your chambers expertise in our publication: Barristers in the International Legal Market
Cyprus UK Image 8 September 2017 English-Cypriot Law Day 2017
Brexit 20 October 2017 Legal Consequences of Brexit 
RoL 9 November 2017 11th International Rule of Law Lecture 
Skyline 20 - 23 November 2017 English Law Week 2017: The Law - A noble profession or just business?