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Advice and support from the pension specialist, DAM Good Pensions

Dam Good Pensions have been providing employee benefits advice to employers and their staff for 14 years and to date have supported over 150 employers through the auto enrolment process.

They can support Bar Council members in a number of areas:

  • Deciding on the the right structure for your auto enrolment solution

  • Sourcing a pension provider

  • Managing the implementation of your solution, and

  • Designing the communications to staff and presenting your solution to staff.

Every employer in the UK will be required to provide a qualifying pension scheme for thier employees by April 2017. This is a legal requirement under the Pensions Act 2008. 

Employers will also have a duty to:

  • Enrol certain employees into this scheme

  • Pay a contribution on their behalf, and

  • Deduct and pay a contribution from employees' earnings. 

The Bar Council have negotiated fixed fees for thier members.

Key stages in preparing for and implementing automatic enrolment 

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If you would like to discuss your needs, please call or email the dedicated DAM consultant, Steve Torbet.

T: +44 (0)7846 875 683

E: steve@damgoodpensions.com