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Recruitment is a necessity for all businesses, however large or small, but it can also be a lengthy and expensive process if not done right first time. Identifying the right recruitment solution is an essential part of recruiting the right candidates first time around. Instead of choosing only one recruitment consultancy to work with, the Bar Council has put together an innovative collaboration between two well-respected recruiters to form the new Bar Council Recruitment Service. By bringing together two different types of consultancy the Bar Council is confident that it now has the right level of choice for Chambers.

Working with Lawyer Select and Intuition Recruitment the Bar Council offers you support whether you are looking to simply advertise a job online or need full service recruitment search and selection. Importantly, the Bar Council itself is a client of Intuition Recruitment and has been for a long time, so our confidence in its service comes from first-hand experience. Founder of Lawyer Select, Chris Owen has for a long time been part of the Service delivery of the Bar Council and has helped engineer many innovative new services, such as BARCO and the Bar Nursery. 

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Lawyer Select:

Intuition Recruitment:

  • Administrative and Office/Executive support

  • Clerks, all roles other than Senior Clerking

  • Administrative and Secretarial

  • Buisness Development

  • Facilities

  • Finance

  • Marketing and Communications

  • IT, and

  • PR

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