Member Services Board (MSB)

Mr Richard Atkins QC

Mr Stephen Collier

Mr Brian Buck

The MSB's terms of reference are as follows:

a.To develop and keep under review a strategy for the provision of services to the Bar on a commercial basis ("commercial services");

b. To provide strategic direction and support to the Head of Member Services in relation to the development and implementation of member services;

c. To ensure that member services are fit for purpose, competitively priced and meet the needs of the members of the Bar;

d. To ensure that the Member Services Department provides services which generate incremental revenue for the Bar Council;

e. To make recommendations on new members services and revenue opportunities to the finance Committee, General Management Committee and Bar Council as appropriate;

f. To consider whether any currently out-sourced services can be brought in-house for the benefit of the profession and the Bar council; and

g. To ensure that contractual arrangements with 3rd party service providers offer appropriate protection for the Bar Council and safeguard its reputation and financial standing.

Bar Conference 2012 Organising Board

Alison Padfield

Vice Chair
Saba Naqshbandi