• 11 May 2015 - In October 2014 the Bar Council conducted a survey to assess members' health and wellbeing and to identify risk factors which may impact on their performance. The results have been analysed by an independent third party Positive Group and are available in the attached report. (PDF, 1 MB)

  • 2 April 2015 - The Bar Council has published this paper, written by its Consultant Director in Brussels, Evanna Fruithof, setting out the views of the Bar Council regarding the European Commission’s plans to withdraw its October 2011 proposal for a regulation creating “The Common European Sales Law for the European Union”. (PDF, 367 KB)

  • 31 March 2015 - A new report by His Honour Geoffrey Rivlin QC, Chair of the Criminal Justice Reform Group, commissioned by the Bar Council, sets out key recommendations for sustaining the criminal justice system in England & Wales. (PDF, 920 KB)

  • 26 March 2015 - The Bar Council along with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, the Law Centres Network, the Legal Action Group and AdviceUK have published A Manifesto for Justice. (PDF, 710 KB)

  • 26 November 2014 - The Bar Council, the Law Society and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) have prepared a briefing note urging members of parliament to protect judicial review, the legal process which enables individuals to challenge unlawful Government decision-making. (PDF, 1 MB)

  • 23 October 2014 - The Young Bar Magazine is an annual publication compiled by the Young Barristers' Committee, with this year's theme being 'Justice in Jeopardy'. (PDF, 1 MB)

  • 19 September 2014 - The Bar Council has published the third edition of its annual report, 'Representing the Bar', which focuses on the organisation's representational activities and performance against key strategic aims for 2013-14. (PDF, 1 MB)

  • 19 September 2014 - This Briefing provides 2014 Party Conference delegates with background information about the key public policy issues and legislation with which the Bar of England and Wales is currently concerned. (PDF, 872 KB)