Barristers in Schools

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Through the 'Barristers in Schools' initiative, the Bar Council offers schools the opportunity to request a volunteer barrister to visit their students. These who can give practical information, advice and guidance to students about what it takes to become a barrister. The scheme also offer gives students the opportunity to put forward their own questions about the Bar and what working as a barrister involves. 

Every school in England and Wales is free to use this service.

If your school would benefit from having a barrister come and give a talk to your students, please find your geographic location below and contact one of the barristers on the list. Each barrister has also listed their practice area, if you have a particular interest in this. Please do not send multiple emails to several barristers, if a barrister is not responding to your emails, please get in touch and we will try to make contact. As we do not directly match barristers, we encourage all schools to email us as and when an event has been run for monitoring purposes.


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South East

Wales and Chester

If you have any questions or feedback about the scheme, please email  or telephone 020 7611 1352.