Bar Placement Week

Bar Placement Week is aimed at non-traditional Sixth Form students who have an interest in law. The scheme is aimed at those interested in a career at the Bar, and gives students the opportunity to get to know the profession, to understand what becoming a barrister entails and the pathways they could take to the profession. Students should meet our social mobility criteria, for example those who arethe first in their family to go to university, and from a low income background.

The Bar Council also arranges for the student to attend a day of advocacy training on the last day of the Placement Week.

The Bar Council holds Placement Weeks in:

  • London
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol

We work with the following organisations to recruit students:

If you are interested in Bar Placement Week for some of your students, please get in touch with the above organisation in your region.