e-Mentoring Banner (#1)The Bar Mentoring Service (Scheme 2) is designed for Year 12, 13 and undergraduate students from non-traditional background who are interested in pursuing a career at the Bar. 

All mentoring communications are via an online platform, which can be accessed at www.barmentoring.org.uk  , giving participating barristers and students' flexibility whilst providing a safe environment for communications.  

The service is currently being piloted with a group of students who took part in the Bar Council's Bar Placement Week for a period of 12 months until summer 2016. During the pilot participants are providing feedback on how they feel their mentoring relationship is progressing, and how easy they find the scheme to use. 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for students through our flexible e-Mentoring Scheme, please complete an  application form and email to Mentoring@BarCouncil.org.uk.