'Barristers in Schools'


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Through the 'Barristers in Schools' initiative, we offer barrister speakers to schools. Barristers and chambers participating in the scheme are happy to provide practical information, advice and guidance to students about what it takes to become a barrister, and to answer quesations about the Bar and what working as a barrister involves.

Every school in England and Wales is free to use this service.

If your school would like a visit from a barrister to give a talk to your students, please contact the Bar Council, email careera@barcouncil.org.uk or telephone 020 7611 7352.

For Barristers looking to volunteer in schools

If you are a barrister with an interest in talking to students about the Bar and about your experiences as a barrister, you are invited to register for the scheme. It will involve giving up a few hours of your time to travel to a school in an area that is convenient for you to get to, and speaking to students about life at the Bar. Most talks will last an hour or less, including time for questions from students.  Volunteers will be supplied with a briefing pack to assist them with preparing their talks and answering questions. If you are interested in voluntereering in schools, please complete this online form.

Below are some useful resources that you might find useful when giving your talk:

Briefing Pack

Powerpoint Presentation

Bar Council Safeguarding Policy

For Schools looking for a Barrister

The Barristers in Schools initiative is a volunteering opportunity which connects barristers and schools together. It is designed to increase young people's awareness and understanding of the law.


If your school would benefit from having a barrister come and give a talk to your students, please find your geographic location below and contact one of the barristers on the list. Please do not send multiple emails to several barristers, if a barrister is not responding to your emails, please get in touch and we will try to make contact.



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South East

Wales and Chester


Please do get in touch with us via Careers@BarCouncil.org.uk if you have any feedback about the scheme.