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TERM: 1 year initial term, possibility of re-appointment depending on the re-extension of the project. 

The Bar Council is looking to nominate a barrister for the vacant position of Advisory Panel Member for the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies' (IALS) 'Legal Records at Risk' (LRAR) project.

About the LRAR project

The LRAR project commenced in September 2015 to: 

  • Broaden the concept of "legal" records to include the records of private sector institutions specialised to law (ISLs). 
  • Raise awareness of information owners of such legal records as to their value and assist them to unlock their potential for internal business use and external research. 
  • Broaden the perspective of legal research, which has hitherto been primarily concerned with investigating the pre 20th Century (C20) records of the courts. 
  • Widen the use of C20 and C21 legal records by demonstrating their relevance to research disciplines other than legal research. 
  • Identify and facilitate the rescue of records of potential value currently at risk by developing a co-ordinated, cost-effective model for the transfer of legal records to an appropriate repository for public access once confidentiality requirements have expired. 

About the role

The project has piloted its approach and has now reached the stage where it would now benefit from an oversight Advisory Council comprising experts from research, records management, archives and legal practitioners. 

Its terms of reference are to provide individual or group expert advice and assistance to the Project Director as required. 

The Panel is not expected to meet physically more than once or twice a year, but a group email and document site will be set up. 

Knowledge and experience 

No specific knowledge or experience is required but applicants should ideally have an interest in legal records.

Applications will be assessed by a select Appointment Panel comprised of members of the General Management Committee of the Bar Council.  Selection of the successful candidate will be based on merit.

How to apply

Applicants should send a copy of their CV accompanied by a short written statement stating their suitability for the role and describing their skills and experience, to:

Bev Dougherty, Executive Office Manager, bdougherty@barcouncil.org.uk.

The closing date for applications is 10am on Monday 8 August 2016. 

Please note the short turnaround time - the IALS is seeking a Bar Council nominee by mid-August.