International Committee

Christian Wisskirchen and Jessica Crofts-Lawrence

Amanda Pinto QC - 33 Chancery Lane

Rupert D'Cruz - Littleton Chambers
Hugh Mercer QC - Essex Court Chambers
Steven Thompson QC - XXIV Old Buildings

Sarah Crowther - Outer Temple
Richard Hoyle - Essex Court Chambers
Adrian Berry - Garden Court Chambers
Sarah Lucy Cooper - Thomas More Chambers
Alex Haines - Bretton Woods Law
Michael Green QC - Fountain Court Chambers
Simon Slattery - Quadrant Chambers
Fiona Jackson - 33 Chancery Lane
Maurice Mendelson QC - Blackstone Chambers
Sabia Naqshbandi - Three Raymond Buildings
Michael Patchett-Joyce - Outer Temple
Jonathan Peacock QC - 11 New Square
Deok Joo Rhee - 39 Essex Chambers
Frederico Singarajah - Hardwicke Chambers
John Harrison QC - St Pauls Chambers
Michael Jones - Deans Court Chambers
Rebecca Murray - Temple Tax Chambers
Pavlos Panayi QC - Carmelite Chambers
Nicholas Craig - 3 Verulam Buildings
Rachel Spearing - Pump Court Chambers 
Sydney Chawatama - One Crown Office Row 
Abdul-Lateef Jinadu - Keating Chambers
David O'Mahony - 7 Bedford Row
Guy Vassall-Adams - Matrix
Jennifer Oborne - Great James Street 
Luke Irons - Stone Chambers
Naomi Candlin - St Phillips Stone


The Terms of Reference are:

  1. To promote the standing and the interests of the Bar internationally
  2. To support the rule of law internationally
  3. To further the objectives above by co-operation between the Bar and legal professions abroad and by participation in the work of international legal associations and professional bodies so as to:

    a.   Keep abreast of international development;
    b.   Influence international legal developments, and
    c.   Inform the Bar accordingly.