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  • Help support the Bar Council's work

    Help support the Bar Council's work

    For less than £8.34 a month, you can support the Bar Council's vital work in representing the Bar's interests and promoting fair access to justice through the Bar Representation Fee (BRF)

  • Young Bar Hub + Toolkit

    Young Bar Hub + Toolkit

    Barristers in their early years of practice will be further supported through the development of a new toolkit and online hub, both of which address some of the key issues relevant to the Young Bar.

  • Direct Access Portal - Find a barrister

    Direct Access Portal - Find a barrister

    The Direct Access Portal, which acts as an online register, is the main hub for consumers, businesses and other organisations seeking to find a direct access barrister. The aim of the new website is to help drive more business to barristers.

  • Wellbeing at the Bar

    Wellbeing at the Bar

    The Bar Council has teamed up with the Inns of Court and Institute of Barristers' Clerks (IBC) to launch the Wellbeing at the Bar Portal - a website to specifically provide support and best practice to barristers, clerks and chambers on wellbeing and mental health issues.

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18 January

(7 hours ago)

Solicitor's Agents

To draw barristers' attention to issues relating to appearing as a solicitor's agent.


18 January

(10 hours ago)

New AGFS proposals: The impact in context

Professor Martin Chalkley has advised the Bar Council on remuneration matters since 1995. As a consultant member of the Bar’s AGFS Working Group, Professor Chalkley has analysed and modelled all of the fee data. Drawing on this experience and expertise, Professor Chalkley has written for the Bar Council to communicate critical details about how the new AGFS scheme has been developed and how its anticipated impact can usefully be evaluated.

Member benefits

The Bar Council provides a range of services to members of the Bar including over 500* exclusive Benefits and Services available to those who pay the Bar Representation Fee (BRF).

Bar Standards Board

The General Council of the Bar is the Approved Regulator of the Bar of England and Wales. It discharges its regulatory functions through the independent Bar Standards Board.